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PROFESSION : Television Recycling



The Company BWF GmbH is located in:       Germany / Espelkamp

Phone/ Fax:                                                  

Begins selection period for the job:                September/ October 2017

Workplace is located in:                                             32339 Espelkamp

*Number of places available:                                     6

*Duration of the contract:                              minimum 6 months

*Job description:                                            Television Disassemble

*Minimum age to maximum age:                   18 years to 50 years

*Work schedule:                                            early shift (6:00 o´clock – 14:00 o´clock)                                                                                                                       and late shift (14:00 o´clock – 22:00 o´clock)

*The wage:                                                     approximately gross 1600 EUR

*Overtime pay:                                                          regulated working hours of 8 per day

*Time wage:                                                   9,10 EUR

*Accommodation:                                          In a Flat. Available are 2 or 4 bed rooms      

*Accommodation expenses:                          EUR per Months depends on the room

*Work equipment:                                          It will be provided

*Transportation of Romania is paid of:                      by the Worker himself

*Transportation of accommodation                                                                                     

to the workplace and return:                           It´s 25 EUR per Person/ months

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