How to post an effective freelance project for your company

When you need a professional to deliver a one-time project with a shorter duration or when you need to outsource monthly services that do not require hiring someone full-time or part-time, you can work with a freelancer.

On BestJobs you can find freelancers experienced in various fields, ready to take over your projects. All you have to do is to post for free the projects you need freelancers for. In this article, you will find the necessary steps and some recommendations to help you place an effective announcement.

How to post a freelance project on BestJobs

Whenever you need to post a freelancing project announcement, go to the BestJobs website, the Services page, Freelance Projects section 👉 Post a project. To successfully complete an ad, consider the following steps:

1. Set the title of the ad

Choose a title as clear as possible for the project. You can use as a name:

  • Project type. Some examples: Video editing, Writing 10 articles, Graphic Design for a Report, Create a Presentation Website (HTML + WordPress programming), English-Russian translation, Company Accounting, etc. This type of title is suggestive and recommended if you make sure it is clear and to the point. Use it especially for specific projects with a clearly defined timeframe.
  • Job Title / Required Expertise. Examples: Senior PHP Developer, Video Editor, Copywriter, English-Russian Translator, Accountant, Website Developer (HTML + Javascript), Graphic Designer, etc. These names can also be suggestive, but we recommend them especially for long-term projects or with greater complexity of tasks (for example, you can write as a title Digital Marketing Specialist for a project that involves creating multiple ad sets on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Instagram, and add all details in the description).

2. Fill in the budget for the project

Once you have chosen the title and the number of people needed (“Available positions”), fill in the amount you allocate to pay for the freelancing project (in euros). The advantage is that you determine how much you are willing to pay for the project, the challenge may be that in some cases you are not sure what a reasonable fee is.

If you are not sure how to determine the value of a freelance project, here are some ideas:

  • Calculate the estimated number of working hours required to complete the project and what would be the salary that a professional in that field takes per hour;
  • Take into account your main goal – do you need quality in delivery, expertise? Then it would be advisable to add a higher fee to attract the right professionals. There is a saying about work: “Fast, good and cheap. Choose two.”
  • Search for similar offers online. For example, for marketing and communication projects you can compare with the prices charged by marketing agencies, for accounting you can compare with accounting firms (be careful, however, they can vary greatly depending on their expertise and portfolio). You can also be inspired by international websites where you can find freelancers who have posted their fees or even price calculators (but pay attention to the countries to which they refer).
  • Ask acquaintances or colleagues. Often, it may be easier to find out prices in a particular field even from colleagues. Maybe at their previous job, they worked with a video editor and they know some prices in the field, etc.
  • Use previous collaborations as benchmarks. If you have worked with freelancers on certain projects in the past, you can get a starting price. Think about what went wrong in the past and you can increase the amount allocated to find someone with more expertise and responsibility in delivering the project.
  • Be fair and balanced. Even if you probably have a limited budget allocated, think ahead – give value to the work required in order to receive materials on time, to get high-quality, or whatever you need. A correct relationship from the beginning will make collaboration, feedback, and communication easier.

Note: On BestJobs, the payment of the project is made through the platform, after the completion of the project (your confirmation that the project has been completed).

3. Write the description of the freelance project

You can add a brief description, but one with more details will help you receive the right applicants and select them more easily. Include in the description:

  • Briefly, what does the freelance project entail (final deliverables). Examples: a presentation website, 5 videos for marketing campaigns, a pitch & a sales presentation, etc.
  • Be specific. If you already have this information, add the volume/details about what the project involves. Example: Writing 10 articles of 1000 words, on the subject of Italian cuisine, taking into account SEO and the use of certain keywords.
  • Write down some details about the necessary expertise from the freelancer, especially if it is something more technical.
  • If you have a clear set deadline, include it in your ad.
  • If you want, you can also add a short video recording in which you give more details about the project.

Of course, you can include as many details as you find relevant. After choosing the freelancer you want to work with, you will be able to talk directly with him and you will send more details.

4. Select the main field, relevant keywords, and level of expertise

To better filter projects and receive relevant applications, choose the right field of expertise and keywords specific to the technical skills and abilities needed. On BestJobs, you can choose from a lot of saved keywords and select the predefined category in which the project falls (see video above).

5. Optionally, add questions for the mini-interview

If you feel that you need better filtering of applicants, you can optionally add 1-2-3 questions for an online mini-interview to be answered by those interested in your project.

Some examples of questions that can be applied for various fields:

  • What is the biggest project of this type that you have worked on and what was the result?
  • How many projects in this field/industry have you delivered?
  • How do you make sure you deliver a quality project, working remotely?
  • Give an example of a project in which you got involved and it failed and why.
  • What tools do you use?
  • What time slots are you usually available for calls or emails?
  • Do you have one or a few examples of similar projects? Or a portfolio you can share?

Don’t add too many questions, but the ones relevant to your project.

Optionally, on BestJobs, in addition to the above, you can add the necessary spoken languages with their required level, and if you need the freelancer to be from a specific city (usually the projects are remote, but you may need someone from your city or nearby if, for example, you need an accountant and want to send contracts and invoices more easily).

After completing the announcement, click Activate and it will be posted in the list of Freelance projects, visible to all candidates who use this filter when looking for jobs and projects.

Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels