7 reasons to work with a freelancer and when to contract one

Globally, freelancing has been growing for several years. It has grown in Romania in the last year in the context of the pandemic, especially in fields that do not depend on travel. Why is it worthwhile, as a company, to work with a freelancer on your projects?

It may seem complicated in some fields or if you haven’t done it before. Whether you represent a large organization or you have a local company with fewer employees, in this article we present some reasons to help you make an informed decision when it comes to hiring an external freelancer.

The freelancer is a professional who contracts projects for companies. A freelancer is responsible for: organizing his schedule, monitoring working hours on various projects (if applicable), billing clients, paying fees, clearly understanding the needs of the project, and successfully delivering it on time.

When to work with a freelancer

  • When your team has too much workload. Maybe you have a busier season (holidays, special or annual projects), and hiring and training a new person would consume too much time and resources.
  • When you have specific projects or processes that you can easily outsource, and you do not have the necessary expertise within your company (examples: creating a website or a mobile application, marketing and promotion services, drafting contracts or other legal services, accounting, translations, video editing, etc.).
  • When you need new and fresh ideas. Especially in the creative, marketing, and communication fields, you may need different campaign ideas, graphics, texts, and new messages at times. Freelancers working in the field can connect more pieces together and come up with innovative approaches.

7 reasons to work with a freelancer

1. You only pay for the work delivered and the desired project

Unlike a full-time employee, working with a freelancer saves your budget on training, health insurance, employee benefits, office and equipment, unproductive working hours. Freelancers also take breaks, they can work less efficiently sometimes, but you pay them for the contracted project. And even if sometimes the allocated budget is calculated by the hour, they are motivated to finish their work on time and successfully. In addition to the fact that they like the flexibility to manage their time, freelancers want to have a portfolio of satisfied clients that recommend them, and they have the responsibility to deliver the project on time.

2. You clearly establish what you need from the freelancer and the budget

As a client, you know best what you need from a freelancer. Therefore, you have control over the requirements of the project and over the budget you can allocate. Of course, you need to adapt to market prices, especially when you want someone with high expertise, but even with smaller budgets, there is a lot of variety in the professionals you can find. You usually pay at the end, when the project is delivered (unless an advance or periodic payment is required).

It is important to write in the project description as clearly as possible: what you need (deliverables), specifications for the freelancer to take into account, the delivery time. If some things are not yet clear to you (for example, in some creative projects), you can also establish them with the freelancer – a professional has good questions that will help you better clarify what you want from the desired result.

3. Flexibility: you choose who to work with and when, from anywhere

You can turn to professionals from any field, from any city or country. You have a lot of variety in the selection of professionals according to their CV, portfolio, skills. You can find specialists in marketing, sales, IT who have expertise in your company’s industry – if there are moments when you need them. Or you can turn to specialists with experience in multiple areas.

Also, finding and hiring a freelancer is a faster process than recruiting and hiring a new person in your team.

Another advantage is that, if a freelance collaborator does not deliver the desired quality for your project, you can always give up the collaboration and find someone else, within the legal and ethical limits.

4. A freelancer has specific skills and competencies

Freelancers are niche professionals in their field, who use their experience, previously acquired skills, and passion. Often, they are also connected to the news and innovations in their field. They have worked with several clients in the past, they use their accumulated knowledge, they are experts in their niche activity.

Maybe you don’t always find the expertise you need in your team. For example, you have to edit a video, you need to translate texts into Finnish or Chinese, you need an accountant or a programmer to make a website for you, a SEO specialist, etc. And the work of a freelancer ends when the project ends.

5. Reduce the workload of your team

Of course, it is valuable for employees to learn new things, especially if they want to. But they can often end up overwhelmed by tasks, frustrated that you ask for too much of them or simply no matter how responsible they are, time does not allow them to cover all the needs of the business. You can risk that good employees leave your company if you ask for too much from them.

Working with an external freelancer, especially if you assign the relationship with him to a colleague, can also motivate him to learn new things from a professional and to learn how to manage the connection with a supplier and what to ask him. And the project is more likely to be completed on time and at the quality you need.

6. Variety and innovative ideas

Freelancers tend to be more innovative and receptive to new technologies, new ideas, and suggestions. Of course, these things can also come from your team. The difference is that a freelancer with experience in several projects and various areas can come up with new connections and ideas, accumulated from the practical work on these projects and from the fact that they are constantly informed by market news.

7. In Romania, you can find well-prepared freelancers

You can turn to freelancers from several countries, international platforms of this kind have been around for a long time. What is already known is that many Romanians are already very well trained as specialists in IT, marketing, SEO, translations, etc. In Romania, you can find a variety of professionals with whom you can get along in your native language, you can communicate the requirements more easily and quickly, you can give more efficient feedback, they can deliver the high-quality projects you need.

In 2019, about 14% of the total employees in the local economy were self-employed, Romania ranking first among the member countries of the European Union in terms of the number of self-employed in the total employees in the local economy (according to Eurostat data, European Institute of Statistics).

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