The Avocado subscription – professional development tools for your team

BestJobs introduces the Avocado subscription – personalized learning sessions that are  individually held by internationally certified coaches (ICF, EMCC, NLP), with leadership experience or accredited therapists – which the company offers as a benefit to employees.

The subscription is designed for employers who now have a tool for supporting and retaining employees and individuals looking for a specialist in coaching or wellbeing. The solution is versatile and flexible, being an opportunity for personal and professional learning and development, accessible anytime, from anywhere.

How does it work?

1. Activate a subscription directly from your BestJobs account using credits or paying the subscription amount.

2. You will receive by email a registration link that you can either send to the employees who will benefit from the professional development sessions or use it yourself to create an account on

3. Fill in the evaluation form and select the type of specialist with whom you remotely connect, through the platform and an internet connection.

4. Get in touch with an accredited coach or therapist from our diverse community of specialists for a personalized 1 to 1 session.

What’s included in the subscription?

The subscription offers access to 2 wellbeing or coaching sessions per month, of 45 minutes each, with the chosen specialist from our community of internationally certified coaches (ICF, EMCC, NLP), with leadership experience, or accredited therapists.

During the sessions you will work on various professional and personal goals such as: developing your skills (communication, trust, management, teamwork, efficiency), change harmful habits, learn to settle internal or external conflicts, better understand your values and motivation.