What is your desk saying about you? Perfect purity vs creative mess

What is your desk saying about you? Perfect purity vs creative mess

Your desk is perhaps the only piece of personal space in the office. So it can tell a lot about its master. Do you prefer a clean, empty table or mountains of books and papers?

BestJobs will try to determine your type.

Perfect emptiness
If a person has nothing on his desk it speaks of his concreteness and independence. She is not tied to a workplace and is ready to be quickly relocated to another department, office or even company.
The person with the empty table is a thoughtful strategist. She will not tell anyone what is on her mind and will always do everything in her own way.

If the employee’s desk is a collection of various cute little things, photos, souvenirs, small figures etc. it is most likely a representation of a spiritual personality with whom you can always chat over a cup of tea about nature, weather, traveling, and anything else. Collectors of all kinds of small decorations – are open and positive people. But at the same time soft and trouble-free.

Books, Magazines
A man parading his education clearly states: “I am an extraordinary, serious person.” At the same time, it may or may not be true. Pay attention to the books on the table – it is professional literature or belletristic, whether they change over time or not, whether the person takes them in their hands at least sometimes or just displays them for decoration.
Anyway, books on the table are not the worst option. They talk about the person’s will to gather knowledge, but at the same time demonstrate that the person is not modest nor shy.

Everything mixed up
If the desk is a mess, most likely, something similar happens in the thoughts of the owner. No, this does not mean that he is uncollected. It just speaks of the speed by which his thoughts are changing. He is moving from one topic to another, he can open a browser window, and after a second cannot remember why he did it and switch to something completely different. And in half an hour he will remember, come back … and forget again 🙂
But such a lover of chaos will always have something to say. Such people are interesting and have non-standard and out of the box thinking.

Well, did you find yourself in the list?