4 things to stop doing right now if you do not want to work your entire life in the wrong place

The search for the perfect job can be exhausting.
If you are looking for professional happiness take a closer look at your actions and stop sabotaging yourself by doing these 4 things:

You are underestimating yourself
” No, it’s too much responsibility for me!” “,” And who will pay me so much?” ,” But I’ve invested so many years in my current job that it’s better to stick to it”- and other negative thoughts.
Instead of complaining you should act. You will never know what you are capable of unless you try.
When you are unhappy at work, you should at least try and change something. After all, time runs out, and nobody will make a decisive step instead of you. Update your resume, send it to the job of your dreams, make a statement.
Or have a conversation with your boss to review your salary and responsibilities .
So, increase your self-esteem, stop questioning yourself and take the next steps towards your career advancement.

Well, of course, if you complain about your salary or boss for the hundredth time, things will change quickly by themselves.
It’s better to spend your energy on something really productive. For example think about whether you can influence these factors and how exactly. If your salary is lower than the average market, think about the arguments you can use to get the increase.
Complicated relationship with management? Maybe a frank conversation would help? In short, act instead of complaining.

Comparing yourself to others
Yes, on social media we are all successful, happy, rich and famous.
Former classmates already manage companies, while your career seems stuck? A friend from childhood opened her business, and you can not deliver a simple project to a customer? Former boyfriend moved as a developer abroad?
Now turn off social networks and toxic thoughts and think positive. You will never know what the success of other people is built upon, what they lost before they found it. Remember that you are following your own path. While you concentrate on others, career opportunities might pass by you.

Not acting
The courage to start changing, to start working on your own happiness is always difficult and completely uncomfortable. Fears and doubts will always turn you back. Changing the profession, starting something new, taking on more responsibility is difficult. But by overcoming such tests, you will get what you want.
Start acting now!