How to address your interview invitation

The first step is deciding the type of job you want
Keep in mind that you will spend a third of your day at work. It would be nice to find a job that you actually like and not suffer later, along the way.

Start by asking yourself the following questions:

What do I want to do?
Perhaps you’ve wanted for a long time to try working in advertising or sales. Or maybe you dreamed of becoming a chef since childhood? Take your time and think about your dream job.

What am I good at?
Next step is to appreciate your own abilities. Are you friendly enough for sales or are you focused enough to run a kitchen? Do you know what marketing strategy is and how to build one, and so on. Or maybe you are good at handy jobs, then why not look for suitable proposals?

How much do I want to earn?
Evaluate how much money you need. But be realistic, rely not on the maximum you could get, but on the minimum salary that type of job pays.

How much do employers pay?
Look for jobs that are similar to what you decide to do and find out what salaries are offered for these positions, depending on the region and experience, most employers communicate the salary on the jobs’ descriptions.

Am I ready to relocate?
If you live in a region that does not provide the opportunities you are looking for, search for options in other regions or in the nearest larger city. You can always move to places where wages are higher and the conditions are better. Or, search for remote jobs, thus you can work from where you want, without changing your residence.

If it’s difficult for you to decide, look at the vacancies, find out what’s on the market, which professions are in demand, which requirements are put forward by employers.