Do your best job during an office argument: 5 tips on how to behave during an office quarrel

Do your best job during an office argument: 5 tips on how to behave during an office quarrel

Every now and then a scandal would break out in the office that would make you want to give up everything and quit. Take it easy, BestJobs has several tips that will help you resolve conflicts in the office.

In office disputes and quarrels, dislike, bitterness, resentment, and other negative emotions are most often born. And when the conflict flares up in the office, it can turn into a nervous breakdown and loss of employment.
BestJobs has some tips on how to address a situation like this in order not to spoil relations with colleagues, and to resolve the conflict.

Do not raise your voice
During an argument we always raise our voices. Subconsciously, it seems to us that in this way a person will better hear and understand our arguments. But in fact, everything happens exactly the opposite. The opponent starts screaming as well, so in the end you don’t hear each other at all.
Therefore, even if a colleague raises the tone, don’t speak louder, but on the contrary, be quieter. He will have to listen and this automatically will reduce the volume and heat of the conversation.

Do not get personal
During a heated argument, sometimes we are tempted to get personal: to recall previous mistakes, failures or imperfections of the opponent. But he too will find something to blame you for, and then the conversation will leave the constructive path once and for all. And to get to an agreement once you went beyond these borders is unrealistic. In addition, the consequences of such a quarrel will be felt for a long time in your relationship.

Do not give in to provocations
Often quarrels rise in groups where provokers are operating . For reasons known only to them, such people find fault with employees, generate conflicts and weave intrigues.
To keep composure in the company of such a person is incredibly difficult. But it is necessary. Focus on the main thing – don’t give in.
Is he trying to get some emotion from you? Behave the opposite way. Instead of aggression and resentment, show calm and friendly. Soon this person will get tired of messing with you, and he will move on looking for a different victim or even better correct his behaviour.

Praise before scold
A simple but effective method in any dispute – first praise your opponent, and only then point out the flaws in his ideas. If a colleague shows you his project, find the strengths in it. An employee in this situation will be more open to receive constructive criticism.
This tactic will also be useful to you, because often we first look for flaws in the proposals of our colleagues, and this makes it difficult to objectively evaluate them.

Don’t use yourself as standard
This is the most important and most difficult condition. People tend to evaluate others by their own scale. But we are all different, we have different characters, upbringing, education, professional and life experience. And often, some things that seem annoying or wrong to us may be acceptable behaviour for another person.
Do not demand from colleagues to be all like you, share your opinion and values in life. After all, if we were all the same, living and socialising would not be so interesting.