Question you should ask recruiters during an interview

A standard interview scenario typically ends with the recruiter’s question “Do you have questions for me?”.  This is your chance to find out the maximum of useful information about the job and employer and gain some extra interview points so please do not use ask only: “So, how much do you pay?”

It is always good to show the employer that you are serious about the job offer. Prepare in advance, so as not to ask for something common, for which you can find the answer on the company’s site.

Here are some suggestions from BestJobs:

1. How did this vacancy appear?

An important question, designed to let you understand how important and old the position is in the organisation, how many people held it before you and why it is vacant now (eg. increase of positions or the previous employee left). The way the employer answers the question will tell a lot about the turnover of the personnel in the company.

If the vacancy is new, it is important to know why the firm needs this type of employee worker. If not, then you can ask the recruiter to clarify the strengths and weaknesses of the person who worked on this post before you.

2. What are the difficulties I may encounter?

This question will help you find out about the shortcomings of your future work. In other words, find out what happened to the predecessor, if there was one, what you should avoid and what you can improve on. This will prepare you to look confident and fearless facing potential problems.

3. How will my typical working day look like?

If it seems to you that the discussion is not going well, this simple and non-abstract question will help melt the ice.

4. By what criteria will my work be evaluated?

If you want to learn more about the priorities of the job and of your possible superiors this question will bring some clarity.

5. Why do employees like to work here?

An intelligent way to learn about the values of the company, its ethics and corporate culture .

6. Who are the most successful people in the company and why?

Watch how the recruiter will respond, the tone of voice used. If the atmosphere in the team is healthy, then the top players will be mentioned with enthusiasm.

7. How do you rate my performance after this interview?

The question will help you find out how well you’ve done and how honest and open your interlocutors are. When you ask for constructive feedback, it speaks of enthusiasm and your desire to develop, to correct your own mistakes and also the ability to recognise them.