How to join a new team quickly and painlessly

How to join a new team quickly and painlessly

When starting a new job the fear that you can not cope, will not be able to have a good relationship with colleagues, that you will not show yourself in the best light and impress your manager- is normal. The important thing is to know how to overcome it.

BestJobs teaches you how to act as a newcomer joining the team. These practical tips will allow you to better adapt to the new location.

Get ready
Before you start your new job, focus not so much on what you can already do, but on what you have to do. Tighten your knowledge on the professional aspects that you have not conquered yet. Try to find out the internal rules of the company before your first day. Thus you’ll prepare yourself for a new reality.

Get trained
Try from the day 1 to learn something new from colleagues and your leader. Try to introduce new techniques into your work , combine them with your own experience. Surprisingly, you can learn something new completely unexpectedly, communicating with colleagues at dinner or just watching their work.

Develop a strategy
Define how you want to be perceived and act upon this decision: behave accordingly, build your professional reputation from the first interactions. If you have models to imitate – imitate! For example, if you liked how your previous manager led your colleagues and subordinates, use his behaviour as a model. But do it within limits, it’s important to keep your own identity, rather than becoming someone’s copy.

Try from the very first days on a new job to show yourself a professional in your business. Execute and overcome the goal. Thus you will demonstrate they have done a good thing by hiring you and the leadership will see your potential.

Be part of the team
Working in a team is great! But only if the team is a coherent organism, and not an assembly of rivals. It is very important to immediately join the team, become its indispensable part, the missing element. If you declare yourself a reliable team player, it will surely bring success to both your career and the entire company as a whole.

Have fun!
Enjoy the process and your new job, that is the most important thing in the end.

Good luck in a new place, believe in your strength, as much as BestJobs believes in them, and everything will surely be ok!